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Tires cause many car accidents because the tire is the main part of a car. One reason is not paying attention to tire bubbles, bulges, or knots. The question that comes to mind is, “How Long Can I Drive With A Bubble In My Tire“. 

So here we will guide you with your question and give you some important information about tire bulges. We all want safety during driving. That depends on the condition of the tire. In addition, everyone wants their tires to be in good condition. A bubble in a tire is not a light matter; because of it, the tire becomes unstable.

Driving on a tire bubble is a big safety risk because the tire can burst anytime.

Tire Bubble?

Sometimes the tire’s surface merges out, which is a tire bubble. It can appear on the footprint and side on both surfaces but mostly on the sidewall.


As you drive more, different things seep inside the tire; eventually, the tire becomes soft, and the rubber bulges out. A small spot can wear out the tire. It damages the tire, resulting in a tire blowout.

How Long Can I Drive With A Bubble in My Tire?

Driving on a tire with a bubble or bulge is very dangerous and can lead to a car accident. When the pressure develops inside the tire, and the threads cannot bear it, a bubble can blast a tire. If you experience a tire bubble, park your car at one side and only drive further once a repair expert is reached. Make sure to change the tire as soon as possible.

Tire Bubbles Causes 

When air leaks inside the tire, it causes bubbles. Moreover, there are some other reasons.

Some causes can form a tire bubble:

Tire has a complex structure and is made of many layers. All these layers support the tire in tough conditions to handle the load without damage. Wrong air pressure, road conditions, and driving habits are all the reasons. Sometimes manufacturer defects can cause tire bubbles.

It’s important to know the reasons so that we can try to avoid them. So, here are some common causes of tire bulges:

Speed And Road Impact Damage

Sometimes you accidentally hit a pothole, crud, or speed bump, which damages the tire inside, and the air sneak in between tire layers, causing a bubble. Moreover, road conditions and rough driving can cause a tire bubble.

Air pressure:

Maintaining the wrong air pressure for a long time can cause a tire bubble. Both are the reasons if your tire has too high air pressure or too little. It is because, in both conditions, it cannot handle the load. So, check the air pressure regularly through an air pressure gauge.

Old Age Tire:

Old tires are more likely to form a tire bubble. The tire gets worn out with time, and the layers can separate and form a weak spot. That weak spot can further lead to a tire bulge. Make sure to replace your tire at the proper time.

There may be other reasons, so tires are a huge investment in life. It can cause danger. So, it would be best to be very careful about car tires. Your tire can burst if you don’t care.

How To Check A Bubble In A Tire


When you experience a bump in your tire, this may be a sign of a tire bubble. Sometimes it is not so much, but you have to check carefully.


When you feel like your car is wobbling or you are unable to control your car, this could be a symptom of a tire bubble. You will sometimes lose control of driving and cornering.

Sometimes you will feel your tire is flat, but it’s not real. So these are some symptoms of a tire bubble. Keep these in mind to avoid any danger.



Firstly, a bubble cannot be fixed at home. You need expert help and take the tire to the repair shop.

  • Inspect the tire carefully and identify any problem in the tire that is hiding so that you can tell a professional everything to resolve the problem.
  • Second, swap a spare tire to avoid driving on the damaged tire to prevent danger.
  • It would be best if you showed the tire to a professional expert. They will carefully check it and will give you a good idea.
  • If you have a budget to buy a brand new tire, then there is no need to go anywhere else except a tire shop to buy a new one. Because you know that no matter how perfectly you repair a damaged tire, it can’t replace a brand-new one. Fixing a tire bubble as soon as possible is important to avoid danger.


If the tire bubble disappears, it does not mean your tire is alright. Keep in mind some important factors.

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Regularly check before every drive and during the drive. Please don’t use that tire for a long drive because its chances are much higher for damage due to temperature and road conditions than a new one.


When a bubble is finished, it doesn’t mean that the tire is now in good condition. You should visit a professional repair shop to inspect. He will explain why the bubble is and how further you can prevent it.


We understand that driving on a tire bubble is dangerous and leads to accidents. In this, we provide you with some important information. Remembering these, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from danger.

Regularly check the tire before driving, even when the tire bubble disappears. Quickly get an opinion from an expert. If you have a budget for a new tire, don’t compromise on safety. Even when you save some money, you can put yourself in danger.

How much distance can I travel on a tire bubble? “Zero miles”


Will a knot damage your tire?

Yes, it does.

Is driving on a small bubble in a tire safe?

The simple answer is NO like any other bubble, the tire bubble can burst anytime. No doubt it is dangerous when you drive the tire bubble. 

Do tire bubbles grow?

YES, if you continuously drive on a tire bubble.

Will a bubble in a tire pop?

If there is too much pressure, there are more chances of tire bursts.

Where do tire bubbles come from?

Usually, bubbles result from impact damage. Air bubbles in your tire indicate a ruptured inner lining and air leakage. Pinching the tire between the wheel and the road or curb can cause the weak spot in the tire to inflate

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